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What is Business Continuity?

Business Continuity represented by giant jenga

Business Continuity made simple

Business Continuity is all about having common sense precautions in place to help your business survive a disruption and recover afterwards.

Think of your business as a tower of wooden blocks and that each block is a function of your business such as employees or suppliers. During a disruption one or more bricks could be removed from the tower causing it to fall and your business to fail. By taking some time to identify the areas of your business most likely to be affected by disruption and implementing some simple contingency measures you can stop the tower falling. Having pre-identified contingency measures is like you're replacing the removed blocks in the tower temporarily, allowing it to remain standing. It doesn’t need to cost a penny - and you might even find that it helps you win contracts and negotiate cheaper insurance policies.

A business continuity plan is simply a document containing the contingency measures to keep your business running.

Some of the key benefits business continuity could bring:

  • Showing customers and suppliers you are serious about the resilience of your business
  • Increasing your company’s reputation
  • Providing assurance and protection to your staff
  • Being more confident about the decision you make in a crisis

To find out more about how simple and easy it is to produce a business continuity plan check out our Instant Business Continuity page

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